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Ted-Ed Lesson on Thalidomide

Ted-Ed Lesson: How One Scientist Averted A National Health Crisis

In 1960, Frances Kelsey was one of the Food and Drug Administration’s newest recruits. Before the year was out, she would begin a fight that would save thousands of lives — though no one knew it at the time. Andrea Tone explains how Kelsey was able to prevent a massive national public health tragedy by privileging facts over opinions, and patience over shortcuts.

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Meet The Creators:
Educator Andrea Tone
Director Lisa LaBracio
Narrator Pen-Pen Chen
Designer Lisa LaBracio
Animator Sara Zarul Azham
Composer M. Tomihisa
Sound Designer Weston Fonger
Content Producer Gerta Xhelo
Editorial Producer Alex Rosenthal
Associate Producer Bethany Cutmore-Scott, Elizabeth Cox
Script Editor Elizabeth Cox
Fact-checker Francisco Diez

Hello Aloe! Herbal Essences TV Spot

Hello Aloe! Herbal Essences TV Spot is a 15 second bumper for their latest shampoo product.

Done on Photoshop emulating a watercolour style. I was colourist for the main girl in animation.


This project was completed by a small team at the Brand New School Agency, NYC. 

Happy Birthday Ada! Google Lesson

Happy Birthday Ada!

Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer back in the 1800s.  She published the first computer program, before the first computer had even been built!  December 10th, 2015 is Ada's 200 birthday!  So let's all wish her a happy birthday and learn more about her and other great topics in computer science during Computer Science Education Week. 

December 7-13 is Computer Science Education Week in the U.S., an annual program to show students the power of code and computer science. Google is a founding partner of CS Education Week and is excited to participate company-wide for the campaign. To Learn More about Computer Science and try different activities visit

This video won First Place Commissioned Film (Under 2 Minutes) at The 47th ASIFA-East Animation Awards!